Saturday, 25 September 2010

#306 Velcro - Loop

You knew the other side of the velcro was coming didn't you! I have a tiny headache that is now subsiding slightly after last nights festivity's 'Happy Birthday CCP!' Amazing evenings entertainment from the young bands and acts that use the 'Musical Youth' project and the original Musical Youth band from the '80's. "Pass the Dutchie!" On a personal note I am chuffed to bits that the 21 paintings of musical instruments I made for the event have all got bids on and are currently earning just over £1200 for 'Musical Youth' (the project not the band!) to buy musical instruments for young disadvantaged musicains to have lessons on, the auctions for the paintings are being held open until midnight on the 10th of October I will update the facebook album with the current bid (when I get the current prices) but in the meantime if you are interested in joining in drop me an email. In the meantime this and last nights velcro are being sold on ebay as normal but as a pair, click here to bid.

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