Wednesday, 6 October 2010

#317 Scrap of canvas

Ahhh to be a little bit messy! I didn't know what to paint this evening and while I was looking down in despair at the studio floor I spotted a pile of canvas scraps in the corner from where I stretched some canvas's at the weekend, hurrah, I thought and painted the best one (can't remember why it was the best one now...).

Which brings me neatly on to twitter and youtube. I discovered the other day that the Tate gallery has a tv channel and I spent a productive morning watching loads of videos of artists in their studios. I think I am a little obsessed with studios at the minute. My own personal studio is working really rather nicely and starting to purr like a well oiled engine (which translated means I have enough space to work on multiple things and I can find stuff when I like). Unfiortunately the studios I am responsible for at work are moving to a different campus so will be demolished or turned into a posh wine bar or somthing! Which means I am lamenting the 'old' studios and trying to make sure the 'new' ones we move into are right, so studios are on my mind. I want to make a short film showing the good folk of the interweb around my studio. Trying to decide whether or not to get Melvyn Bragg round for a large drink like Francis Bacon, a seminal moment for me as a young artist! Unfortunately I dont know Melvyn Bragg so, I expect he wouldn't come. So, I need questions please send me a question either here or through twitter @danyoungdaily and keep an eye out for the studiocumentary.

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