Tuesday, 23 November 2010

#365 Chocolate Cake

The last day of this years watercolour paintings and Debbies Birthday! Hooray all round. This is the most chocolatey birthday cake you will ever meet, three bars of chocolate and a most of a pot of cream strawberry jam and chocolate cake....mmmm. A big thanks to everyone who has been following the project over the year and I hope you will stay with me as I move into the next year of paintings. More about that tomorrow what I will tell is a few changes, back to oil paint, various sized paintings, no 'whole' objects, more concentration on background, and  thats it I'm not telling anymore Watercolour and pencil 29cm x 19cm


martinealison said...

Je suis impatiente de voir les prochains épisodes d'une série différente... Bises et hummm ce gâteau ne sera qu'un plaisir des yeux. Il aura l'avantage de ne pas être 5 minutes de plaisir et 1 an sur les hanches!!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for always being there .... in my reader every morning! I look forward to whatever is there tomorrow.

Judy B

Dan Young said...

Martine - there is loads of it and it won't just go on my hips I can assure you!
Judy - thank you very much :)