Wednesday, 22 December 2010

#029 Bootlace

I have to honour my walking boots this evening without which I would not have been able to get anywhere without getting very wet and cold feet. Thanks boots!


martinealison said...

Elles sont très utiles en cette période de l'année...
Beau lacet...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,
Just discovered your Blog. Really inspiring... I am a painter who has become a bit affraid of the blank canvas, printmaking at the moment instead. I feel so encouraged by your work I'm gonna go prime some canvases instead of making those mince pies.
Thanks :)
Happy Christmas

Dan Young said...

Thanks Martine! très très utiles en cette période!

Wow, thanks Georgina! I know exactly what you mean and have suffered from the same ailment. Good luck with those canvas! I would prescribe a healthy amount of carefree abandon and make the mince pies then you have something to paint!