Sunday, 3 March 2013

Day #100 Doodles

So everyone's a winner! I asked for suggestions for things to paint and I got some. But I couldn't decide which one to pick. But as your lovely ideas where coming in from facebook and twitter I doodled them on this piece of paper. So i painted the doodles which is a great way to keep everyone happy! So, thanks to Pili, Tim, Karina, Darren, Andrew and Emma.

You can see: two daffodils, a stamp with a self portrait of me in it (wearing a fez of course) but watch out for another self portrait coming up over the summer, a martini glass (complete with olive and martini) a red pepper (it's not coloured in but is a red one;)) and finally, a horse with hands hanging like a sloth from string. Thanks Tim for that one.

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