Saturday, 31 January 2015

069 Watercolour dirty water jar - part I - oil on linen

Throughout the six years and 69 days of Dan Young, Daily I have forced myself to make a painting, drawing or print every day. Today I am starting a painting in a more 'normal' manner. So here you can see me fumbling around trying to get some marks in about the right place to paint my dirty watercolour  jar. Tomorrow I will continue with this painting and who knows I might finish it... Or I might not. That is the way with paintings sometimes. The little buggers don't always get finished in one sitting! 

This has been my water jar since I was a student. It was in an old student house and was used by a previous tenant to store all of her old bits of soap, it took some time to get rid of the fragrance... But I think it makes a rather swanky pot to rinse my water.

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