Wednesday, 1 December 2010

#008 Paintbrush

This is one of my favourite brushes a filbert size 6 also known as a cats tongue brush. It is laying on a suitable messy painting rag, right where I left it after painting last night. Ths is oil on gesso and is teeny, tiny only 5cm x 5cm. In picture buying news you may have seen the shiny new 'Etsy' tab on the right hand side of this post if you click it you will be taken to my new shop, which is where I will be selling this years paintings They have varying prices to match the varying pictures and various sizes!


Tim said...

Brush has the name cat's tongue
Yet the artist hates cats:
Queer old world, innit?

Dan Young said...

I set that post up for you to comment exactly that! I would add I 'mistrust' cats and not 'hate', I don't put them in bins or anything like that I just wouldn't lend them any money, apologies to cats and cat lovers everywhere!

Dan Young said...

oh, and well done on the haiku!