Thursday, 17 February 2011

#086 Jug Spout

This is a very lovely old jug I have in the studio to store my current in use brushes, you see I have a very vague, yet complex, system I use to to store and categorise my brushes. There is the small glass vase which houses the brushes that have passed their useful best but will still have a very unique use one day in the future. This jug with mycurrent faves, two large stoneware jars with abundant and various larger brushes that I haven't used as much since I started to paint tiny things another glass jar with current watercolour brushes in and a pencil, a green mug with pencils and a knife in, I could go on but I think the world wants the internet back.

1 comment:

Andy Smith said...

I think when 'Brushes and storage systems' finally gets published you could have yourself a bestseller on your hands.