Friday, 23 November 2012

#366 Chocolate Cake

Another year another cake! This is Debbie's birthday 'Chocolate Jaffa Gateaux' cake. I started this little project the day after Debbie's birthday four years ago which means I always have a Birthday cake to paint on the last day of the project, and we all know how much I like to draw, paint and eat cake...
A big thank you for your company over the last year of 'Dan Young,Daily'. An even bigger thank you if you sponsored next years project, if you haven't yet done so please visit the sponsorship page and claim yourself a print, a painting or a drawing, you can also watch the little film of me explaining what is going to happen over the coming 365 days (no leap year next year!).

I have enjoyed these digital dailies but am really looking forward to getting back into oil paint.

See you tomorrow for a new dawn in daily painting!

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