Sunday, 25 November 2012

Day #001 Plum Bob

Well, here we go again, the first element of the fifth year of Dan Young, Daily. This is going to be very odd, I have never made a painting like this and I can't wait to see what happens. I have begun by adding a lovely vertical line though the use of my plum bob. I hope all you Fibonacci fans will enjoy the positioning of the point ;).

The rules for this year are similar to before but instead of a new painting each day you will see a new element added to this picture. Every day. I will try and obey the normal rules of gravity and physics. Mostly. But look forward to things piled on top of other things. Elements obscuring previous days elements. Some big things, some little things. Things stuck on, things falling off. Things leant against other things, flying things, ephemeral's going to get pretty crowded!


kate-spencer said...

ntarWe are looking forward to watching your daily addition to this years project
Good Luckd

Lithopsland said...

This is such a great idea Dan! Looking forward to seeing how your wonderful painting develops! Best wishes! :)

Dan Young said...

Thanks both, hope you enjoy it as it builds up