Thursday, 6 January 2011

#044 Van Gogh Postcard

I will admit to making a shocker of a painting before this one. It all seems to be going along ok, the brush marks seem to be going in nice places... and then all of a sudden it turns to mush in front of your eyes! Bah, I said as I threw the offending picture to one side.  I was then captured by the glorious texture of the background in this postcard of one of Van Goghs blossom trees. So, I put the (now glowing) postcard on my easel in front of a canvas which was already there and then realised I had inadvertantly set up todays still life detail, my empty canvas, Vincents corner and my easel complete wth paint blobs. I had originally signed next to Vincent but it didn't feel right which is why my signature is on my canvas.

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