Sunday, 23 January 2011

#061 Bag of Potatoes

The gardeners among you may have been caught up in a 'Potato Event' or 'Potato Day' or even a 'Spud Bash'. Today has been my first experience of such an event. What we found upon going to what is a normally very quiet garden centre was cars parked all over the road, two flourescent jacket wearing parking attendants, people everywhere and a bewildering array of types of potatos to choose from, with lots of overheard conversations about potato varieties, chips/roasties even the dreaded blight. You can buy huge sacks, individual spuds or mix and match your 'apples of the ground'. We chose a sensibly sized paper bag of 'Oriana' a first early salad potato with a waxy texture. I expect over the year there will be some more daily details of the pots!


kate-spencer said...

We also bought potatoes on Saturday

25 Kilos of reds, it would tak far too much effort to plant them ( or paint them!!!! )
So i think we had better at them

kate-spencer said...

or even eat them!