Friday, 7 January 2011

#045 Ham

I was going to apologise to any vegetarians out there but I think I should be apologising to the meat eaters. I have managed to paint a slice of ham (which is very similar to the slice I had in my sandwich today) and make it look so pink, fleshy and obscene it actually puts me off eating it, a little. Maybe because its painted larger than life andfills the picture so you are confronted by the sheer visual unrefined meatiness of it, it was tasty in a poppy seed roll with watercress and rocket though.


Andy Smith said...

ummm nice, no fat either must be good stuff from one of them fancy delis in cheltenham..

Dan Young said...

Yep, Organic Wiltshire Ham from the deli at waitrose...if you know when to go they reduce things really early! ;)