Friday, 2 October 2009

#313 Badge

This is a 'Fabulous Thorvertones' badge that I recieved in the post today, sent to me by Ben, the bass player in The Fabulous Thorvertones. I hadn't heard from Ben for something like 16 years when I got a friend request on facebook from him a couple of months ago. We were chums when we first started high school aged 11 or so then drifted apart, I think after school, as folks do.. we must catch up properly soon, I also must try and see The Fabulous Thorvertones in thier natural environment. Oil on gesso 16cm x 12cm.


Anonymous said...

Mate that is brilliant! I'll be bidding, and we're now looking all over for leftfield objects to see you through to day 365!

Dave Jones said...

The badge is very Mod. reminds me of the Jam and the Lambrettas badges i had in my youth.

Dan Young said...

and to think I nearly got scared of the tiny writing and painted it upside down, glad you all like it!Dave, I think they prefer the term Mod-wardian!

I'm off to pick a fight with a rocker on a beach!