Wednesday, 28 April 2010

#156 Monkey Balm

'Thank you Nicky for this little pot of monkey balm' *said a little through gritted teeth* it is covered in tiny thin red stripes, the writing is all Thai (I have made my best effort at copying the text perfectly ) but apart from its painterly complexities its great stuff. Its like tiger balm, if you have ever used that, and I applied some to my temples after driving home up the M5 from Bristol. I was at Bristol City College to give a talk (two talks in fact, niether of which I could keep within the time limit!) to the Art and Design students about Dan Young, Daily. A big thank you to Nicky for inviting me (and the monkey balm) and to everyone else for listening to my stories about loft insulation and cowboys. Watercolour and pencil 14cm x 9cm click here to bid.

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nicky said...

Brilliant! Defo worth the effort and surely not as challening as the Russian doll!

martinealison said...

Hi Dan! Je ne connaissais pas le baume de tigre. je viens de faire une recherche sur internet et m'aperçois qu'il existe plusieurs baume de tigre, du rouge, du blanc... avec des spécificités différentes... Mon petit pois grossit ce matin!! Je vais avoir besoin de baume de tigre!
Mais dites-moi n'est-ce pas un singe que vous dessiné sur votre adorable boîte?!
Bonne journée à vous.