Saturday, 1 May 2010

#159 Flaming Match

....and the winner is...Ella and her flaming match! So, happy Beltane everybody!

I like the significance of the object to the day and the challenge of painting fire which is why I chose this as my winner. A Maypole, Mayfly, Mayflower and THE Mayflower where all good too but I dont have any mayflies or flowers and THE Mayflower and a Maypole wouldn't fit on my desk in the studio!

Big big thanks again to all who entered, some of your suggestions may appear in the future, a couple of them I have nearly painted before and will get 'done' one day like the remote control and my glasses. Some of the suggestions have even sparked ideas for whole series of paintings like Karens 'Chalk and Cheese' which might turn into lots of paintings of objects that are opposites of each other! There is even one suggestion that hints at next years daily painting theme ;) (well done Irene for guessing that!) Andys suggestion may turn into another competition...and those of you that have suggested things I have already painted, shame on you! Alex wins the prize for the most obscure and elusive suggestion! Amy, I am going to save your suggestion for a celebration! Barry, I don't suggest painting your bathroom in will run terribly as soon as you have a shower! mmm now for a mug of Hannahs suggestion me-thinks!

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