Friday, 29 July 2011

#249 Pink Daisy

 Somewhere in Cheltenham there is probably a 'slightly tipsy' group of work colleagues out on Sem O'Connell's leaving do, hello Sem *waves*. Tonights painting is also a leaving gift so, as soon as it is dry it's on its way! Best of luck for the future my deary!

The full video (actually its in two parts because my finger slipped and I stopped filming!) can be seen here or just watch the final moments below!


Sem said...

Hi Dan

I am absolutely stunned that you would do that for me, thank you so much, I'm really touched, its so beautiful and its mine!! Yay, I love it.

Jake and I watched the video, you are so clever and so talented it blows me away.

Thank you Dan, love Sem xxx

Dan Young said...

*Blushing* - go on with ya!