Tuesday, 2 August 2011

#252 (#983) Bark

I am pretty sure this is from a forsythia shrub, there are two reasons for my positivity; it was underneath a forsythia shrub and it looks like forsythia bark.

The watchful of you will have noticed that I have added an extra number to the title of the post. This is a countdown (or a count up) to the thousandth painting on the 19th of August. yep a thousand!

'How can I help celebrate this momentous occasion?' I hear you ask

Well, there are two ways you can paint/draw/doodle a cake and upload it to the  #1000paintings group on Flickr .

I am also intending to spend the 1000th day of Dan Young, Daily painting all day and broadcast it on my Ustream channel. You will be able to watch me in my studio making drawings and paintings, I also plan to put every picture I make on ebay there and then. See me paint it and immediately bid on it!

No final plans yet but I will be making the 100th daily painting at a specific time keep an eye out here and twitter @danyoungdaily for that. I will paint in the style of the two previous years. I will definitely paint a cake. Might take a few live requests.. who knows after that you will have to tune in!

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