Friday, 28 September 2012

#310 Autumn

Well, a mini autumn on my patio with my small native tree bonsai collection (sounds fancy doesn't it?) you can see a beech tree just starting to turn an amazing yellow and there is a red maple just visible behind it. I love autumn, but I don't love having a cold.

In other news; I'm in the paper today! You can read it online as well. I am the centre spread in the Cheltenham Echo a lovely piece about this years daily pics and a look forward to next years project.

If you have just found me and my daily painting projection are most welcome! pleaseperuse this blog and the last four years of daily doings. You can find out more about next years daily painting here. Send me an email If you are interested in buying prints of any of this years digital dailies.

Right that's everyone up to date, I'm off for a warming honey and herb drink and a big handful of vitamins and paracetamol!

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