Friday, 13 March 2009

#110 (a) Toy Foal & #110 (b) Red Nose

I was in a bit of a quandary today, living and working in Cheltenham the Gold Cup festival always has some bearing on my day/week when it happens. I have had this little toy of a horse all ready and waiting for today to celebrate the Gold cup in a painting. My quandary appeared when I realised that it is also Red Nose Day, (for international followers this is a day where UK residents raise money for charity whilst dressed in their pyjamas and bathing in baked beans, all culminating in a TV show with comedians and celebrities doing equally silly things).

A big part of RND is the buying of these red noses which also just happen to be the perfect subject for a painting! I checked in the Dan Young, Daily rulebook and there is no mention about painting more than one painting so I have done both!

So, just to be clear the red nose painting is entirely in aid of RND and all the proceeds will go to charity. The horse is part of the normal Dan Young, Daily project and wont! I would like to urge everyone to have a bid on the nose and we will see how much money we can raise!

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