Saturday, 25 April 2009

#153 Oriental Soup Spoon

You may or may not have noticed that I am rather fond of objects with a story. This is one such object. Now, for maximum Dan Young, Daily points the object should have a link with the day it was painted such as the Hot Cross Bun from Good Friday or yesterdays Courgette Seedling, others like the Fossil have been around for years (yes, thats right, millions of years). But score only slighlty less points because of it. Just so you know the points system, like the rule book, doesn't really exist, its all in my head.

This oriental style spoon was part of a bowl set we had and used to enjoy chinese chicken soups and the like from. Until one day one of the spoons dissapeared. We thought little of the other spoon over the years and we moved into our current house.

As keen gardeners (in truth Debbie is keener than myself, I am a fair weather gardener!) we produce our own compost. So valuable is this comodity we spent some time and effort moving our compost heap when we moved house. Which, incedently, has paid huge benefits in the quality of the soil here. One important part of compost production is the turning of it, I understand this mixes up the little beasties so they spread all the way through the decomposing matter helping it rot away quickly. Well, one day among the beasties, rotting apple cores, cardboard and grass clippings the missing spoon appeared out of the dirt with but one chip to remember its epic ordeal by.

That was a few months ago now, before I started this project, 'so what on earth has it got to do with today?' you ask. We found it (again) today while clearing out the shed were it has been languishing since it was found (originally) plus I quite fancied painting it. It doesn't seem quite right for it to resume its previous job of providing one of us with soup. Which is a shame. Oil on gesso 16cm x 12cm.

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