Friday, 14 August 2009

#264 Red Wire

Next in the series of kitchen refitting paintings is this bit of red wire. We had James, the electrician, in today re-wireing the kitchen, this bit was from the old wiring. We now have an empty kitchen, apart from the freezer, with a skeleton of wires and sockets spidering their way across the room, might keep it like that!
On a darker note I damaged the end of my right index finger whilst pulling up floorboards this morning. I didn't think it would much difference when painting but you would be surprised how often I change my grip on the brush and even more surprised how often that change of grip is right on the cut. I just hope it stops throbbing for tomorrows offering!

Have I gone on about my poorly, cut, bashed up finger enough yet? Oil on gesso 16cm x 12cm.

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