Friday, 11 December 2009

#18 Wind up Chick

I enjoyed last night's dinosaur painting so much I had to do this little pecking chick today. Also click here to see me in the local papers celebrating the year end! There are some great pictures of me in the studio! Watercolour and pencil 9cm x 14cm click here to bid.


MicheleB said...

Dear Dan,

I have been following, and loving, your blog since reading an article in the echo (I think at the start of your first series). I'm originally from Prestbury and now live in Chicago, and Mum & Dad send me the papers each week. So, it was great today to see the update article. I'm really enjoying your advent series too. Good luck with the new ventures and thanks for sharing your work - great stuff and it makes me feel connected to Gloucestershire!

Dan Young said...

Hi Michelle, thats fantstic, you wont believe this but I post most of the sold paintings from Prestbury post office! Always nice to her from followers around the globe!