Saturday, 6 February 2010

#75 Tape and Dressing

We were having such a lovely day, visiting friends, having friends visit us, walking in the woods looking at lovely drifts of snowdrops watching the Rugby and thouroughly enjoying the English beating the Welsh, but then...disaster struck and our beutifully relaxing evening went down (or up?) the swanny, or three hours in casualty. An expletive uttered from the kitchen was the first I knew about Debbies unfortunate collision of knife, leek and finger. Don't be alarmed, dear reader (especially Debbies Mum), she still has most of her thumb, its just the tip of it that is missing, but Doug at Cheltenham hospital assures her it will become rounded again, in time. Of course, as the evening drew on there was some concern over my daily painting and whether we would be out of casualty in you can see we were..phew. watercolour and pencil 19cm x 14cm click here to bid.

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