Friday, 12 February 2010

#81 Two Slides

Don't get excited its not playground slides! These are my two guitar slides for when I pretend to be a 1920's style bluesman, I used to used a broken bottle neck but over the years I have had various health and safety training and after I had risk assessed my guitar playing I decided to go for the metal variety. Plus I cut myself on the broken glass one. Watercolour and pencil 19cm x 14cm click here to bid.


Michele said...

Dear Dan,

Hello again from Chicago. I've not had a chance to visit your site for a couple of weeks, so was looking at old posts and tried to take your survey (electrical tape day) but cannot get it to work right. Q1 is missing a box by other, so I can't move past it. I hope Debbie is doing better after the finger episode.

Dan Young said...

Hi Michele, I will have a little look at the survey not sure why its doing that! Debbies finger is healing nicely and she has become adept adept at doing things one handed!

Michele said...

Thanks Dan,

Survey done!