Tuesday, 6 July 2010

#225 Sun Stick and Tile Puzzle

Mmmm this is going to take some explaining! Uruguay v Holland in the football this evening (interupting my traditional painting time) so the holland reference is simple its a puzzle thing from Amsterdam depicting a series of old dutch tiles. Nice. The sun cream is a reference to the sun on the flag of Uruguay which, I assume, is a reference to their aztec origins. Oh ok maybe that was easy to explain after all. In other news a big Happy Birthday to my Mum! Watercolour and pencil 29cm x19cm click here to bid.


martinealison said...

Ahhh! je n'y connais pas grand chose au foot, mais je peux comprendre l'engouement... Belle image que celle-ci, moi j'aurais choisi la tulipe pour la Hollande. Qui va gagner ?

Dan Young said...

I have already painted a tulip...but there are four on this! Holland v Spain in the final with Spain winning!