Sunday, 24 November 2013

001 Cup of Tea - oil paint - left handed

I thought after five years of continuous daily painting I would give my right hand a day off. It also felt like time for a break. So I have made a left handed painting of my tea break for number 001 this year. I am planning  to do a year of whatever I like this time around. So for the next 364 days I will be doing all sorts of different things. I might spend a week on one single painting I might do a series of digital prints I might do some Lino prints, I might paint with my feet, I might make a drawing of a ukulele I am building I might make a plan of something I am building in the garden I might... You get the idea. I expect there to be individual paintings and maybe a few mini series that run through the year, there will be some more left handed pictures for instance and I'm looking forward to a lot more ways of working.

During last years painting I had to stay in one style all year so I looking forward to this year feeling a lot freer and open to different things. The only rule is I have to make a picture every day. Easy.

I also got it painted before my tea got cold.

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