Saturday, 23 November 2013

Day #365 Sussex Star

This little chicken lady is one of our new hens the brown on the plinth has moved on the better things. She is a Sussex Star, but she isn't laying yet so she might just be a 'Sussex'. You have to earn the title Star. Debbie (birthday girl) brought her in for a visit to the studio which was very helpful, until she started to eye up escape routes. The chicken not Debbie. 

must admit to being a little overwhelmed by completing five years of continuous daily painting. I have been selecting work over the last few weeks for the show of the last five years (you are more than welcome to attend please click the banner for more details) which is a bit like floating in a sea of images. Although I think this years single painting with 365 elements will definitely be included alongside a good range from the previous chapters of Dan Young, Daily.

So, tomorrow I begin a new chapter in my daily picture making exploits and I'm not telling you what it is, you will have to look in tomorrow to see picture 1827. Yes 1827.


virtualquilter said...

Congratulations on completing another year! Thank you for sharing and providing a few moments of entertainment every day.
Now I am waiting patiently to see what the next year offers!

Dan Young said...

Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it still!

The Darjeeling Fop said...

Congratulations on completing this year's project, Dan - it's been fascinating watching the process & painting unfold.

Here's to the next year!

Dan Young said...

thank you darjeeling fop! great name btw!