Saturday, 14 December 2013

021 My Left Hand - pencil

I heartily recommend this drawing excercise to anyone who wants to improve their drawing. Set yourself up so that you can see your left hand but not the paper you are about to draw on. Then spend a bit of time looking at your left hand. Really looking. No really really looking. Now start to draw a line. While still looking at your hand and not the drawing. As you trace your eyes along the creases and folds of your hand draw exactly what you see, without looking. When you feel you have finished stop and look at your drawing. Now do at least one every day for a week. I guarantee you will get better. Go on I dare you. When you have done that, do the same but use your non dominant hand.


Richard Salkeld said...

Hi Dan, I have tried this: your guarantee seems safe - future attempts can't get any worse!

Dan Young said...

Excellent! I look forward to seeing the progression, Dan