Sunday, 31 May 2009

#189 Sprig of Larch

Back from our mini holiday deep into the Forest of Dean, well the edge of it, but we did go deep into it yesterday in the caves! The colour of the rocks was so vivid in some areas the red ochre really got my colour gland going (the colour gland is located just under each eye if you were wondering!). Imagine my delight when, coming out of the caves past displays of digging tools, old miners boots and the like, how I wanted to take some of those to paint, I saw a whole shelf of red ochre pigment made from the iron oxide from the caves I had just been through....then underneath those was a selection of little bits of minerals from the caves, which is what I painted. Anyway, that was yesterday, today I have painted this little sprig of larch tree which fell right next to where we had our breakfast this morning. It belonged to the tree we have been camping under over the last two nights so seemed a good object to paint when I got home, so I did. Oil on Gesso, 16cm x 12cm.

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