Tuesday, 16 June 2009

#205 Sugarsnap Pea

This evening, not sure what to paint, I went for a wander up the garden (it is a slight incline so up then down technically). I like to do this to look for objects to paint mostly because there are different things in the garden from week to week. This sugarsnap pea was the best looking bit of produce today (just pipping a strawberry, pun intended!). So, I painted it. Oil on gesso, 16cm x 12cm.


Dave Jones said...

Great painting it looks quite appetising, did you esat it?

With you and the Debster comming over on Friday the challenge is for us to find you something for you to paint on the night, possibly a Rotarian??? feel free to ask to look through the box.. (while Debbie is in the greenhouse)..I posted a few months back to see if anything grabs you!

Dan Young said...

of course I ate it! I(hope)will have already painted on friday night, but always happy to rummage through boxes!