Monday, 16 February 2009

#85 Pile of Woodwose Chippings

Todays post is a joint post with Woodwose Carving, click here to visit and find out what a woodwose is! Dave has very kindly kept the waste from one of his carvings, a small woodwose based on the norse god Thor. This came about from a suggestion Dave made on the 'Dan Young, Daily' group on facebook, where among other objects he suggested wood shavings as a subject for a painting.

So, I suggested a double post one of his woodwose and one of a painting of all the bits of wood that didn't become a woodwose!


Chellebab said...

Its very interesting to see how you've captured the very essence of those shavings which I had seen for real (all over my living room floor!!!!) only 24 hours before. Really like the timelapse VT as it is interesting to watch your technique.

Anonymous said...

shavings can only grow in popularity after this, have you considered face shavings and leg shavings, not that they would smell as good as these