Saturday, 31 January 2009

#69 Picture Hook

Here we have another of the paintings of things that have come out of the house, I got fascinated by all the hooks and nails the previous owners had put it everywhere and started to collect some of the bits and pieces. This hook was in the staircase which was painted this rather bileous green colour, with 'matching' green carpet. I liked the way the dry paint is stuck to the hook here. Oil on gesso 16cm x 12cm.


willnotts said...

Love this one of the best so far. You can tell that pin has been pulled from the wall.

Dan Young said...

Thanks Will, it was and with some force if I remember! I enjoyed the fact that all of the paint held it to the wall, the power of paint!

Dan Young said...

Has anyone noticed that the pin is also pointing to the area where a pin might be going into the wall if it were hung like that?