Tuesday, 24 November 2009

#1 Birthday Cake

Right then here we go, the start of a new painting year. I feel a little bit like you feel when you start a new school or a new job! I thought it would be nice and neat if I painted another slice of birthday cake. I have always used a 'blind drawing' warm up exercise both in my own studio and as a way of warming up groups of students. So, I have started this year of drawings with a similar idea. The drawn line was done without looking at the paper just focusing on the object. Through doing this I hope to excercise my hand eye co-ordination and get my eye and hand to work as one!! I have then (because I am colour freak) added watercolour paint but I did allow myself to look for that part! Watercolour and pencil on paper 28cm x 19cm click here to bid.

I intend to use three different sizes of paper over the coming months, this being the largest size at 28cm x 19cm the other two sizes are 19cm x 14cm and 14cm x 9cm. This means they should fit in standard size frames, I will give out some framing idea as we go through the next 365 days. There is also no drying time for these drawings/paintings so there wont be as long delay in sending them out once the auctions have finished .


nicky j said...

Loving this Dan, super exciting, i salute you!

Kate Young said...

looking good bro!!! xx

Rianna Grace said...
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