Thursday, 12 November 2009

#354 Daylight Bulb

I have painted this tonight because I went to the studio to prepare for painting and turned the light on and it blew 'damn' I said and re-placed it. Luckily only last week I ordered replacement daylight bulbs as I knew the one that was in had been in for a while and it was bound to go just as I approach the last couple of weeks of the painting year probably on day #364. But no, it went on day #354. Keen observers of my yearly painting escapades may have noticed a lack of glass objects being depicted, and and they would be right, I have run scared of glass all year, apart from a Marble on day #107 I think. I felt I had to face my demon and have another go tonight. Oil on gesso 16cm x 12cm.

1 comment:

Dave Jones said...

Demons bannished. one of the best paintings youve done. In my humble opinion.

Regards Dave