Friday, 27 November 2009

#4 Cactus

I am pretty sure this is the only picture I have made in the portrait format in well over a year. I got quite used to dismissing things that were tall and thin (unless I could lie them down) last year. So, I chose this cactus for todays subject. Unsurprisingly it has an interesting story! It actually fell out of it's pot years ago and all of its root ball was knocked off but the top bit of the plant stayedpretty well intact apart from a loss of some spines which can be seen around the 'waist' area. When it died (we have referred to it since that fatefull day as 'the dead cactus') what is now the skinny waist of the cactus was the top which is where it landed and why it has fewer spines there. It also became skinny and thin because the poor little plant was putting all of its energy into growing roots. Which is has now done and is very healthy, apart from a little bit of a lean. Watercolour and pencil 24cm x 19cm click here to bid.

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