Monday, 30 November 2009

#7 Crab Shell

I have a feeling, but I can't be sure, that this crab shell is from the crab we had for my birthday this year (12th of July in case you were wondering!). I saved it thinking it would be small enough for last years series. It wasn't. So, I made a drawing of it for this years series. This is actually the third drawing of a crab shell I have made today, I will let you in to a secret, apart from the cactus drawing, I have made multiples of all the drawings this week. Which is probably due to the fact I am making the drawing part without looking at the drawing. Which gives the drawings a lovely immediacy but sometimes just doesn't work! I reckon by this time next year I will probably have drawn well over a thousand drawings. The problem is two thirds of them won't be very good and you will never see them! Watercolour and pencil 19cm x 14cm click here to bid.

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Dan Young said...

actually thinking about it the snail was the only drawing!